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Nordic investors call for greater climate transparency from businesses
Nordic investors are taking direct action to encourage environmental transparency from the companies in their holdings.
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PDC creating momentum to drive down GHG emissions with decarbonization of $45billion AUM
The progress of the Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition to date is a clear signal that a growing number of leading investors are committed to reducing the carbon risks and impacts of their portfolios, as investors are not compensated for this risk.
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Campaign launches to close the gap between corporate GHG reduction goals and a 2°C scenario
Climate experts call on the private sector to join other leading companies in minding the carbon budget to ensure a safe and profitable future
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Live now: See cities climate disclosure in real time
If you're curious to see how the world’s cities are transitioning to a low-carbon economy, you can now follow it live. For the first time ever, CDP data is available in real time: Our live map of reporting cities allows you to track and view responses from the hundreds of cities currently submitting their climate change-related data to CDP.
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Carbon consumption and production: How low can we go?
If we are to avoid dangerous climate change and the significant negative social, environmental and economic consequences it will bring, atmospheric warming must be limited to two degrees or below. Manmade emissions of greenhouse gases are the most substantial contribution to warming. The science is clear.
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Supporting companies on the climate change challenge
Accounting for carbon, energy and water use and streamlining corporate data collection and storage are all valuable steps your company can take to embed sustainability into its business practices. CDP partners with a number of service providers who can help and support your company in these areas and more.
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