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CDP works to transform the way the world does business to prevent dangerous climate change and protect our natural resources. We see a world where capital is efficiently allocated to create long-term prosperity rather than short-term gain at the expense of our environment.

Evidence and insight is vital to driving real change. We use the power of measurement and information disclosure to improve the management of environmental risk. By leveraging market forces including shareholders, customers and governments, CDP has incentivized thousands of companies and cities across the world’s largest economies to measure and disclose their environmental information. We put this information at the heart of business, investment and policy decision making.

We now hold the most comprehensive collection globally of primary corporate environmental data. Through our global system companies, investors and cities are better able to mitigate risk, capitalize on opportunities and make investment decisions that drive action towards a more sustainable world.

Find out:

  •    How we work with 827 institutional investors holding US$100 trillion in assets to help reveal the risk in their investment portfolios.
  •    How CDP works with thousands of companies to tackle climate change.
  •    How we are driving more sustainable water use by business.
  •    How some 89 purchasing organizations such as Dell, PepsiCo and Walmart are using the global CDP system to mitigate environmental risk in their supply chains.
  •    How the forest program works with companies to address deforestation risks.
  •    How we are supporting local government through our cities work.
  •    What we are doing to support national governments globally.

CDP's strategic plan 2014 - 2016

To develop our plan we listened to corporations, investors, policy makers, regulators, multilateral institutions, non-governmental organizations and donors. We are grateful to them all for their input. Our plan builds on 14 years of experience of working within the global business system and sets a direction for how we plan to meet the challenges of the future. I hope you will join us on our journey to build a secure and prosperous future for all.

Paul Dickinson,
Founder and Executive Chair

Read CDP's strategic plan

“The first step towards managing carbon emissions is to measure them because in business what gets measured gets managed. CDP has played a crucial role in encouraging companies to take the first steps in that measurement and management path.”

- Lord Adair TurnerThe first step towards managing carbon emissions is to measure them because in business what gets measured gets managed...


CDP receives funding support from a wide range of organizations including foundations and governments. CDP also receives funding through corporate sponsorship, CDP member packages, and global partnerships.

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