CDP 2013 performance and disclosure

Scoring is applied to most of the company responses to CDP, which are assessed for disclosure and performance. A high climate disclosure score would indicate a comprehensive response. The response would tend to show clear consideration of business-specific risks and potential opportunities related to climate change and good internal data management practices for understanding GHG emissions. However, the disclosure score does not reflect a company’s actions on climate change mitigation.

Read the CDP Global 500 Climate Change report 2013 with sector insights on what is driving climate change action in the world’s largest companies.

CDP Global 500 climate change leaders 2013

Find out more about the how the CPLI is created by reading the page on performance scores.

Top 12 companies according to both CPLI and CDLI
Sector Company Performance Disclosure
years in the
Consumer Discretionary BMW A 100 4
Consumer Discretionary Daimler A 100 1
Consumer Discretionary Philips Electronics A 100 1
Consumer Utilities Nestlé A 100 2
Financials BNY Mellon A 100 1
Information Technology Cisco Systems A 100 1
Utilities Gas Natural SDG A 100 2
Consumer Discretionary Honda Motor A 99 1
Consumer Discretionary Nissan Motor A 99 1
Consumer Discretionary Volkswagen A 99 1
Information Technology Hewlett-Packard A 99 1
Information Technology Samsung A 99 1

The performance band is awarded where a company’s disclosure score is 50 or more, as below this there is likely to be insufficient information to make a judgement. It is represented by a letter from A to E, (including an A- band). It is a measure of the positive actions that the company has demonstrated through their CDP response. These include actions to promote climate change mitigation, adaptation and transparency. CDP acknowledges that the performance scoring process is evolving and recommends that investors review individual company disclosures in addition to performance rankings in order to gain the most comprehensive understanding of company performance.

Companies with the top scores for disclosure qualify to be listed in the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) for their sample – their group based on market capitalization e.g. the Nordic 200. Top-scoring companies for performance qualify to be listed in the Climate Performance Leadership Index (CPLI) provided they also meet some additional criteria that are explained in detail on the performance scores page.

To qualify for inclusion in either leadership index, a company also has to make its response public and submit it via CDP’s Online Response System. Both scores are based solely on information in CDP responses.

CPLI rankings

CDLI Rankings

Forest's program 2013 sector leaders

CDP’s 2013 forests program sector leaders
Sector Company
Agricultural Products New Britain Palm Oil
Consumer Durables & Apparel PrimeAsia Leather Corporation
Food & Staples Retailing J Sainsbury
Hotels, Restaurants &Leisure McDonald’s Corporation
Household & Personal Products Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Industrials & Autos Brambles
Materials UPM-Kymmene Corporation
Media Reed Elsevier Group
Packaged Foods & Meats / Brewers and Soft Drinks Unilever
Retailing Marks and Spencer Group
Transportation FedEx Corporation

Scoring methodologies

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