Business resilience in an uncertain, resource-constrained world

CDP Global 500 Climate Change Report 2012

On behalf of 655 investors with assets of US$78 trillion.

CDP's Global 500 Climate Change Report 2012 investigates whether companies are strategically focusing on climate change and its long-term impact to business.

Co-written by PwC on behalf of 655 institutional investors representing $78 trillion in assets, the report provides an annual update on greenhouse gas emissions data and climate change strategies at the world’s largest public corporations. This year 81% of corporations from the Global 500 responded to the CDP questionnaire.

Recent extreme weather and natural events have tested companies’ business resilience and increased their level of understanding of the timeframes of the physical risks they associate with climate change. Physical risks are viewed as tangible and present, impacting companies’ operations, supply chains and business planning.

While some companies are demonstrating an awareness of the strategic opportunities associated with acting on climate change, few are setting the necessary targets required to ensure their long-term resilience and many are facing challenges justifying the business case for low carbon investment. Companies are more likely to be successful at raising investment for emissions reduction activities with a long-term payback (3 years or more) when they recognize that their climate change strategy gives them a competitive advantage.

This in-depth analysis offers valuable insight into how companies are operating in an uncertain world.

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Extreme weather events drive climate change up the
board-room agenda in 2012

Following increasing incidents of extreme weather events which disrupted business operations and supply chains around the world, climate change has climbed the boardroom agenda. With the hottest US summer on record, fires in Russia and flooding in the UK, Japan and Thailand, among other events, 81% of reporting companies now identify physical risk from climate change...


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Global 500 Leaders 2012

The highest scoring companies for disclosure and/or performance enter the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) and the Carbon Performance Leadership Index (CPLI).

Key Statistics

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CFO perspective

Deirdre Mahlan, CFO Diageo “It is insufficient, and even irresponsible, to consider only short term payback when making investment decisions.”

— Deirdre Mahlan, CFO Diageo

Investor perspective

Alex Wynaendts, CEO AEGON “Over time, we will see companies make radical changes to their environmental accounting for emissions and resource use along their entire value chain.”

— Alex Wynaendts, CEO AEGON

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