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Climate change, water scarcity, flooding, pollution and deforestation present material risks and opportunities to investors.

In order to protect their long term investments, institutional investors must act to reduce the long-term risks arising from environmental externalities.

CDP investor initiatives – backed in 2015 by more than 822 institutional investors representing an excess of US$95 trillion in assets – give investors access to a global source of year-on-year information that supports long-term objective analysis. This includes evidence and insight into companies’ greenhouse gas emissions, water usage and strategies for managing climate change, water and deforestation risks.

For HSBC, climate change is a cornerstone of our ongoing business strategy…The reporting framework that CDP has pioneered over the past decade has helped us both as a respondent and a signatory, to improve our understanding of the strategic risks and opportunities in this area.

Douglas Flint, Group Chairman,
HSBC Holdings plc

Leveraging the power of the shareholder and lender, CDP has gathered the largest global collection of self reported environmental information. Our system enables companies around the world to measure, disclose, manage and share climate change, forest and water information. As a result, these investor initiatives play a critical role in driving emissions reductions and improved water and forest management and trigger corporate behavioral change.

CDP requests standardized climate change, water and forest information from some of the world’s largest listed companies through annual questionnaires sent on behalf of institutional investors that endorse them as ‘CDP signatories’. These shareholder requests for information encourage companies to account for and be transparent about environmental risk. Transparency of this data throughout the global market place ensures the financial community has access to the best available corporate environmental information to help drive investment flows towards a low carbon and more sustainable economy.


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While the world of environmental, social and governance disclosure is evolving rapidly, the current CDP framework is the most comprehensive global database currently available for company-specific analysis on climate risks and opportunities.

Doug Pearce, CEO,
BC Investment Management Corporation


Other resources for investors

Investor platform for Climate Actions
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CDP provides the most comprehensive collection of environmental data, including qualitative information and quantitative metrics.

Find out how CDP data is being used by investors


Watch investors discuss why environmental aspects and CDP's non-financial data are so important in making investment decisions and help to dtive change.

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