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CDP strives to catalyze a transformation to a sustainable world by placing environmental information, insights and our expertise at the heart of policy-making decisions.

Our unique insight can illuminate the links between private and public sector activity in areas such as measurement, reporting and verification (MRV). This is why we engage with policy-makers, governments and international institutions all around the world. We do this through:

  • Tailored research and analysis for governments using CDP’s unique database of corporate and public sector information on climate change, water management and deforestation risk;
  • Policy briefings, events and consultation responses on relevant key issues;
  • Advice on designing and implementing policy on high quality corporate environmental reporting;
  • Program development and project delivery to help local and national governments to deliver policy objectives; and
  • Our work with international institutions, including the EU, OECD and numerous UN bodies on international climate change and water policy.

CDP has received funding from various governments around the world, including the governments of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, UK and USA.

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CDP has various statements of support from the Ministers of the Governments of Australia, Canada, Denmark, EU, France, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

CDP is also supported by various Mayors around the world, including David Miller, Mayor of Toronto; Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City; and Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.


The work of CDP is crucial to the success of global business in the 21st century... helping persuade companies throughout the world to measure, manage, disclose and ultimately reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. No other organization is gathering this type of corporate climate change data and providing it to the marketplace.

Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General, United Nations

CDP is to the future of business what the X-ray was to the then future of medicine. Without it we would never see the inside of the patient’s health..

Christiana Figueres,
Executive Secretary, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
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