Case studies: Investors

Discover how investors are using CDP data to better understand how climate change is likely to affect companies, by viewing some of our case studies and testimonials below.

Case studies: Companies

Find out how organizations benefit from measuring and disclosing their greenhouse gas emissions, water use and climate change strategies.

  • ADAS
    CDP driving long-term strategic planning on management of carbon

  • Allergan
    Company-wide ambition for water conservation achieves tangible business benefits

  • Avaya
    Operational changes result in energy efficiency and guide product development

  • Cisco Systems Inc
    Find out how networking and communications technology company Cisco has benefited from reporting to CDP

  • Dell
    Collaboration delivers targets and mutually beneficial energy savings.

  • Diageo
    Using CDP to engage internal and external audiences.

  • E.ON
    Working with CDP to creating transparent relationships with customers, stakeholders and employees.

  • Edwards Group plc
    Voluntarily using CDP to raise investment and achieve strategic environmental goals.

  • EMC
    Reporting through CDP has helped technology company EMC to plan for the future.

  • Gold Fields
    How CDP plays a role in influencing strategic change through performance disclosure.

  • News Corporation
    CDP reporting consolidates data on one platform highlighting improvement opportunities.

  • Novo Nordisk
    CDP process is a key instrument in cross-organisational dialogue on climate action.

  • PepsiCo
    A shared learning process in tackling climate change.

  • Skanska
    Using CDP to better understanding impact and take action to reduce carbon emissions.

  • TOTO
    Using CDP to drive environmental strategy, company-wide action and more water efficient toilets.

  • Turner Construction Company
    CDP serves gap analysis between aspirations and performance.

  • Vestas
    Improving efficiency in a high tech business.

  • Walmart
    Reporting through CDP revealed valuable insight into its greenhouse gas footprint.

  • Xcel Energy
    Transparency for stakeholders and customers
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**VIDEO** A BEST PRACTICE CASE STUDY: Embedding energy efficiency into business strategy

Barbara Kux, Chief Sustainability Officer and Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG, explains how the global brand embeds energy efficiency into its business strategy.

Watch this video on CDP WebTV

**VIDEO** A BEST PRACTICE CASE STUDY: A four pillar approach to a sustainable value chain

DiscoveJustin Smith, Head of Sustainability and Ian Moir, Group CEO of Woolworths South Africa, discuss the benefits of using the CDP system.

Andrew Howard. Image courtesy of

Andrew Howard, Didas Research 

"Analysis of objective measures of performance on a comparable basis is vital to assessment of company's management of ESG issues. CDP provides a valuable tool for analysis of climate change related aspects of environmental performance."

Tony Blair

Tony Blair, former UK Prime Minister

"CDP illustrates how the answer to reducing GHG emissions lies as much with companies and investors as it does with governments, international agencies and the public."

Helen Wildsmith

Helen Wildsmith, Head of Ethical & Responsible Investment at CCLA

"From 2013 CCLA’s charity clients intend to divest from developed-world Energy, Utility, Industrial and Materials companies in the Global 500 that have not yet disclosed reduction targets to CDP. We believe that management of the carbon challenge is a key part of achieving sustainable and strong shareholder returns."

Jack Ehnes. Image courtesy of

Jack Ehnes, CEO, CalSTRS

"CDP data is essential for our corporate governance engagement to boost long term value of the Teachers Pension Fund. Our use of data... targets companies and market sectors for efficient resources. We depend on the credible, solid CDP data for voting our proxies and as a screen for our performance based focus list that we do each year."

Ole Beier Sørensen - Image courtesy of ATP Press Archive

Ole Beier Sørensen, Chief of Department, Research and Strategy at ATP and Chairman of IIGCC

"CDP data and the CDP effort is extremely important to investors. For many IIGCC members and other investors the CDP database is a key source of information when they try to better understand how climate change may affect investments."

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