CDP Global 500 Report 2011: Accelerating Low Carbon Growth

The 2011 edition of the annual CDP Global 500 report examines the carbon reduction activities at the world’s largest public corporations.


Sector Analysis

Industry Perspectives: Sector Snapshots

Clear industry trends are present when the data is analyzed on a sector level and this is shown through a series of snapshots. All responding companies are scored on the same basis. Sector analysis provides insights into the key risks and opportunities facing each sector, as well as common or contrasting initiatives that are being adopted.

There are vast differences in performance bands between sectors as illustrated by Figure 29 with Telecommunications not having any companies within band ‘A’ compared to Financials (9). There are however, far more Financials respondents (93) compared to the Telecommunications (21). Changes in the CPLI criteria and the increase in maturity of the performance methodology has meant that direct comparison of the band structure year on year is not possible.

The snapshots contain general sector graphs and tables such as emissions reduction targets and Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions disclosures. More specific analysis highlights the key themes and challenges in each sector, with comparison to the CDLI and CPLI. Each sector’s risks and opportunities has been analyzed and disclosed to identify underlying trends in the company responses.

The risks and opportunities vary between sectors, however, the uncertainty with regulations especially in emerging markets remains a key risk across all sectors. Consumer trends and reputational risks have increased in frequency in the responses and are present across all sectors.

Consumer Discretionary Consumer Staples
Energy Financials
Health Care Industrials
Information Technology Materials
Telecommunications Utilities


Download the report

Download the report

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