CDP Global 500 Climate Performance Leadership Index 2013

Sector Company Performance Disclosure
years in the
Consumer Discretionary BMW A 100 4
Daimler A 100 1
Royal Philips A 100 1
Honda Motor A 99 1
Nissan Motor A 99 1
Volkswagen A 99 1
British Sky Broadcasting A 95 1
H&M Hennes & Mauritz A 83 1
Consumer Staples Nestlé A 100 2
  Diageo A 98 2
  L'Oreal A 94 1
  Anheuser Busch InBev A 85 1
  Unilever A 82 2
Energy Spectra Energy A 98 1
BG Group A 89 1
Financials BNY Mellon A 100 1
  Bank of America A 98 4
  Goldman Sachs A 98 1
  HSBC A 97 1
  Firstrand Limited A 96 1
  Morgan Stanley A 96 1
  Wells Fargo A 96 2
  AXA Group A 94 3
  Commonwealth Bank A 94 1
  TD Bank A 94 1
  Ace A 93 2
  BNP Paribas A 93 1
  Barclays A 92 1
  Swiss Re A 92 1
  Deutsche Bank A 91 2
  Munich Re A 91 1
  National Australia Bank A 91 4
  Westpac Banking A 91 4
  Assicurazioni Generali A 87 1
Healthcare GlaxoSmithKline A 98 1
Industrials Raytheon A 98 1
  Schneider Electric A 97 3
  CSX A 95 1
  Komatsu A 95 1
  Lockheed Martin A 91 3
Information Technology Cisco Systems A 100 1
Hewlett-Packard A 99 1
Samsung A 99 1
SAP A 98 1
Adobe Systems A 97 1
EMC A 97 1
Microsoft A 96 1
Infosys A 92 1
Tata Consultancy Services A 89 1
Materials Ecolab A 98 1
  Anglo American A 96 2
  E.I. du Pont de Nemours A 96 1
Telecommunication Services Swisscom A 97 1
Telenor Group A 95 1
BT Group A 93 1
Utilities Gas Natural SDG A 100 2
  Exelon A 98 2

CDP Climate Performance Leadership Indices 2013

How the CPLI is created


 Introduction to climate performance scores


In the 10 years that CDP has monitored disclosure practices, corporate activity has advanced to a stage where analysis of performance can aid investors who want to identify leading companies in carbon management.

A performance band is a measure of the positive actions that the company has demonstrated through their CDP response. These include actions to promote climate change mitigation, adaptation and transparency. It is represented by a letter from A to E, (including an A- band). CDP acknowledges that the performance scoring process is evolving and recommends that investors review individual company disclosures in addition to performance rankings in order to gain the most comprehensive understanding of company performance.

All companies with a sufficient level of disclosure in their response received a performance band. The qualifying threshold to receive a climate performance score was a minimum climate disclosure score of 50. Disclosure scores lower than 50 do not necessarily indicate poor performance; rather, they indicate insufficient information to evaluate performance.


 Climate Performance Leadership Index (CPLI) 2013


In order to be included in the CPLI (Band A), companies must:

  • Make their responses public and submit via CDP’s Online Response System
  • Attain a performance score greater than 85
  • Score maximum performance points on question 12.1a (absolute emissions performance) for GHG reductions due to emission reduction actions over the past year (4% or above in 2013)
  • Disclose gross global Scope 1 and Scope 2 figures
  • Score maximum performance points for verification of Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions
  • Attain a disclosure score of 50 or above in order to be scored for performance

 How are performance points awarded?


Performance points are awarded for actions considered to contribute to climate change mitigation, adaptation and transparency. Actions considered to be more fundamental to progress on combating climate change are awarded more points. External verification/assurance of emissions data is rewarded under the performance scoring as well as disclosure as it is considered that this can potentially give data-users greater confidence in the data, and so can help them to take positive climate actions based upon it. Verifying GHG data also signals the significance of climate change data in decision making process.


 The CDP 2013 climate performance bands


The climate performance score is given as a banded score. Indicative descriptions of the bands follow and are for guidance only. The drivers of any individual company score may vary across a number of different indicators however the same key actions need to be demonstrated across all sectors and geographies. As such, data-users should read individual company responses to understand the context for each business. Care should be taken when comparing performance across companies.

Band A/A- (>85%)
Fully integrated climate change strategy driving significant reduction in emissions due to climate change initiatives. An "A" signifies that in addition to achieving a score of more than 85, the company has met the additional criteria for entry into the Climate Performance Leadership Index (see below). An "A-" signifies that the company has achieved the high score, but not met the additional criteria.

Band B (>60%)
Integration of climate change recognized as priority for strategy, not all initiatives fully established.

Band C (>40%)
Some activity on climate change with varied levels of integration of those initiatives into strategy.

Band D (>20%)
Limited evidence of mitigation or adaptation initiatives and no/limited strategy on climate change.

Band E (>0%)
Little evidence of initiatives on carbon management potentially due to companies just beginning to take action on climate change.

No performance band is allocated below a disclosure of 50, as there would be insufficient information on which to base a performance score.


Previous CPLI rankings

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