For over a decade CDP has worked with companies to catalyze action towards a more sustainable world. This is a world with significant opportunities for business.

Companies that measure their environmental risk are better able to manage it strategically. And those that are transparent and disclose this information are providing decision makers with access to a critical source of global data that delivers the evidence and insight required to drive action.

Thousands of companies around the world from medium sized enterprises to large publicly quoted corporations are realizing the benefits from this process.


Why report to CDP?

Companies that disclose to CDP are able to demonstrate:

  • Increased awareness of greenhouse gas emissions hot spots so that they can begin to reduce them.
  • Business leadership in understanding the risks from climate change, deforestation and water scarcity.
  • How they are creating opportunities to innovate and generate revenue from sustainable products and services.
  • How they are future-proofing their business from climate change and water impacts.

Read our case studies revealing the changes that some companies have already made.

Find out how CDP works with companies:

Search responses

e.g. company name or keyword

View individual corporate responses and compare the greenhouse gas emissions, water management and forest-risk data of the world's largest companies – searchable by organization name.

All our data is available free of charge for non-commercial purposes. In order to view individual public responses, please register here.

Watch the video

*VIDEO* Advancing sustainable, profitable business growth
Business, financial and political leaders discuss advancing sustainable, profitable business growth.

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59% of emissions reduction activities undertaken by companies currently are paid back within 3 years or less.

CDP Global 500 Report, 2011
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