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"Water security is one of the most tangible and fastest-growing social, political and economic challenges faced today" - World Economic Forum

Accounting for and valuing the world’s natural capital is fundamental to building economic stability and prosperity and the global economy will favour businesses that take a pro-active approach to water stewardship. Each year we ask companies from the Global 500, S&P 500 and FTSE 100 indices as well as the largest companies in Australia, Japan and South Africa to respond to our water questionnaire. Whether or not you have received an information request on behalf of our investor signatories you can report to the program to better understand and address your approach to water stewardship

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Why participate?
The challenge

CDP recognizes that water challenges and opportunities will be unique to each company and will vary with location, current reporting effort, and stage of development. Disclosing through CDP’s water program will help each organisation sharpen their sustainability profile whilst taking strides to address the global water challenge.

CDP’s standardised global reporting platform for corporate water data puts water-related information at the heart of business, policy and investment decisions, mobilizing positive and tangible action on the global water crisis by some of the world’s largest corporations, thus safeguarding precious water resources.

Jan Thomesn
The CDP Global Water report provides investors with critical information on how companies identify, manage and mitigate risks and opportunities related to water

Jan Thomsen,
Chief Risk Officer,

CDP Global Water Report 2014

CDP Global Water Report 2014
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CDP water data visualization
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Introduction to CDP's water program

Guidance for responding companies

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Water scoring methodology
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Introduction to the water scoring methodology
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We have learned from our comprehensive measurement and reporting capabilities for GHG emissions that transparency is a powerful tool for motivating people and organizations to change behaviour. We are applying the same principle to our near-term and long-term water risk


Being a responsible water user is an opportunity for us – it helps build stronger relationships with local communities and governments and enhances our social license to operate: being responsible makes it easier for us to do business

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Anglo American


You can find guidance on disclosing to CDP’s water program, alongside information on our webinars and workshops that guide you through your online response and our plans for scoring water responses on the CDP guidance page.

Download the 2015 water questionnaire

Guidance for responding companies

Explore CDP's new water data visualization


Process and timeline

3 February: CDP sends a letter to the Chairperson of every organisation that will be requested to disclose by their investors.

February: CDP sends out its annual water information request to companies worldwide, after which the online response system is open for data input from disclosing companies.

30 June: Deadline for corporations to submit their water response.

October: Publicly disclosed data will be published on our website.

News & events

Outdated approach to water raises immediate risks
CDP's new report established corporate focus is too often directed at reducing water use, which is an inadequate response to increasingly immediate substantive water risks, threatening shareholder value.

Material water risk to Metals & Mining sector demands new valuation models
Growth prospects in this sector are threatened by water risks but companies that are taking action to manage water strategically are better financial performers

Businesses see increased water risk but boardrooms slow to act
There is a sharp rise in company reports of detrimental impacts from drought and other water-related issues, yet little change in the number of companies with board level oversight of water strategies.

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