The case for city disclosure

CDP and Accenture are proud to present their jointly authored report, “The Case for City Disclosure”, which outlines the benefits for cities in responding to CDP. Disclosure of climate change related data to CDP is seen as best practice by thousands of companies around the world. This report looks at how systematic disclosure of climate change data can spur innovation and economic opportunity.

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Benefits of reporting to CDP's cities program

  • Yields results
    Measuring is the first step to managing your emissions and taking action to reduce them. “Filling out this response has opened up new vistas for us in how to tackle the climate change challenge.” - City of Lagos
  • Personalized Feedback
    Participating cities receive a benchmark report comparing them to regional and global peers – highlighting areas for action.
  • Learning opportunity
    CDP's cities program is the largest global reporting platform for cities. Participating in the program is a great way for you to network with other cities and share best practices.
  • Visibility
    Every participating city is featured in our global report, raising your city’s profile both internationally and internally within your city government. Our global report is featured in news articles worldwide.

The challenge

CDP recognizes that climate change challenges and opportunities will be unique to each city and will vary with location, current reporting effort, and stage of development. The reporting process is deliberately flexible and will evolve over time as more cities join the project and as cities priorities and perspectives change.

Crucially, CDP believes that a standard global reporting platform for urban climate change-related data will put climate change information at the heart of business, policy and investment decisions and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.


“To attract private investment, cities will need to provide the right physical and regulatory environment. This will enable cities to foster local economic development and to become more resilient in an increasingly competitive environment. CDP's cities program provides a unique platform for marketing cities’ climate change strategies.”

— Lauralee Martin, Global COO & Financial Officer, Jones Lang LaSalle


“AECOM recognises the importance of cities in meeting global challenges, especially as urban population growth accelerates and increases demands on municipal services and the need to manage resources in a sustainable manner.”

— John Dionisio, Chairman & CEO, AECOM


“The cities of tomorrow are being shaped today by governments, businesses and citizens. To create cities that support a better quality of life while minimizing environmental impact, today’s designers need a clear picture of the impact of climate change.”

— Jay Bhatt, SVP of AEC solutions, Autodesk

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