CDP's water program works to catalyse action to improve water security globally.

A stable supply of good quality fresh water can no longer be gaurenteed in many regions. A 40% global shortfall in supply is expected by 2030. Business as usual water management will put at risk $63 trillion or 1.5 times today's global economy.

CDP's water program motivates companies to disclose and reduce their environmental impacts, and accelerate the use of this data by influential decision makers to better mitigate risk, capitalize on opportunities and make investment decisions that drive action towards a more sustainable world.

Download CDP's Water Brochure 2016 to understand:

  • Water insecurity - the facts;
  • The relevance to companies; and
  • Corporate scoring.
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Download CDP's Europe Water Report 2016 to see:

  • A European snapshot
  • CDP's A List
  • Next steps
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Download CDP's China Water Report 2016 to find out:

  • The business challenges
  • Where there's risk, there's reward
  • Corporate water stewardship
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Download CDP's Global Water Report 2015 to see:

  • The world's best performing companies on water security;
  • Comprehensive analysis by sector; and
  • The business case for action.
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Using CDP’s water questionnaire as a framework, we have benchmarked our strategies for addressing water-related impacts against sector peers, supporting us to further advance water stewardship in our direct operations and wider supply chain.



Investor signatories

CDP's network of investors working to enhance water security has grown by 300% from 150 in 2010 to 617 today


Committed companies

CDP's network of companies committed to enhancing water security has grown more than 600% from 145 in 2010 to 1,057


Actions to improve water security

1,780 actions to improve water security were reported globally in 2015


See the results of CDP’s 2015 information from the sector summaries:


Consumer Discretionary

Analysis of responses by the consumer discretionary sector


Consumer Staples

Analysis of responses by the consumer staples sector



Analysis of responses by the energy sector


Health Care

Analysis of responses by the health care sector



Analysis of responses by the industrials sector


Information Technology

Analysis of responses by the information technology sector



Analysis of responses by the materials sector



Analysis of responses by the utilities sector

CDP's water program report launch 2015

Companies’ reliance on this precious resource is increasing at a time when water security around the world is worsening.

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