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Protecting our capital
Insights and trends from more than 200 cities.

Watch the launch of the CDP Cities Global Report 2014.

CDP's cities program provides a voluntary climate change reporting platform for city governments. The program is open to any city government, regardless of size or geographic location.

Benefits of reporting to CDP's cities program

  • Yields results
    Measuring is the first step to managing your emissions and taking action to reduce them. “Filling out this response has opened up new vistas for us in how to tackle the climate change challenge.” - City of Lagos
  • Personalized Feedback
    Participating cities receive a benchmark report comparing them to regional and global peers – highlighting areas for action.
  • Learning opportunity
    CDP's cities program is the largest global reporting platform for cities. Participating in the program is a great way for you to network with other cities and share best practices.
  • Visibility
    Every participating city is featured in our global report, raising your city’s profile both internationally and internally within your city government. Our global report is featured in news articles worldwide.

Why disclose to CDP's cities program?

Disclosure of climate change related data to CDP is seen as best practice by thousands of companies around the world.

Reporting to CDP's cities program

Find out how to get started.


Latest news

EPA Administrator: Acting On Climate Change Will Help— Not Hurt — The Economy
CDP cities 2014 global report cited in remarks by U.S. Environmental Protection Administrator Gina McCarthy.

Explore Portuguese cities' climate strategies
In partnership with the APA, CDP has seen an increase in the number of Portuguese cities reporting their environmental data. Find out more.

Sao Paulo to Hong Kong report climate threat to economies
How are the 207 cities reporting through CDP working to protect our capital?

Is climate change making cities wealthier and healthier?
Read the Guardian Sustainable Business article on the 2013 CDP cities report

Summary Statistics 2014

View the latest trends and insights from 207 cities here

Search 2014 city responses

Compare the greenhouse gas emissions and strategy data of the world's largest cities – searchable by city name. All our data is available free of charge for non-commercial purposes. In order to view individual public responses, please register here.

Find out what cities around the world are doing to fight climate change
When the next big natural disaster rolls through your city, you can scan the skies for Superman or one of his caped brethren. But in all likelihood, your salvation will come from someone on this earthly world: your local government.

View the infographic

City perspective

Performing a local and regional emissions inventory had the added benefit of identifying inefficiencies in operations by tracking data related to energy consumption, waste processes and water consumption at the government operations and regional levels.

— City of Las Vegas


Lead sponsors

CDP's cities data is now easier to access, analyze, share and download. The data from all publicly reporting cities is available for download at CDP’s open data portal.

A case for disclosure video

CDP cities case for disclosure
Why should you disclose to CDP? Get insights on a CDP cities workshop from staff and responding cities.

Watch the video

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