CDP supply chain FAQs

What is the deadline for responding?
What is the reporting period for the 2015 questionnaire?
Does the inventory year need to align with the fiscal year?
What is CDP’s approach to verification/assurance of GHG inventories in 2015?
When will responses be available to view?
Can CDP provide advice on emissions factors?
Where can I report carbon offsetting strategies?
I responded to CDP supply chain 2014; can I use the ‘Copy from last year’ button in CDP climate change 2015?
What are the benefits of responding to CDP?
My company has not been invited to disclose, is it still possible
to provide a response?

Yes, we will welcome responses from any company though you cannot respond voluntarily through our Supply chain program. Your company will be added to the listings for our Investor led programs. We will not include non-requested companies’ responses in the statistical analysis in our 2015 reports but we may quote it to illustrate leading practice. Email to get an account set up.

I am already responding to CDP this year and have now been asked to
respond to the supply chain request too - what else is required?
Will companies be penalized in any way for declining to answer all or part of the questionnaire?

Companies are encouraged to provide as much information as possible and partial information is more useful to investors/members than none at all. Those companies whose response is being scored however will lose points where no answer is given. Where a company answers "no" to a question, they should explain the reasoning they went through to arrive at that conclusion, or the information they are working to provide in future years, in order to get full credit for the response. It should be noted that if you have been asked to respond to CDP by your investors or customers, your response is important to them.

How do I participate in CDP?

New users must register using the activation link in the invitation sent by CDP, you cannot register for a company response on our website. If you already have an account, you can sign in using your existing username and password.

Your user portal will present you with the programs to which your company has been asked to respond. You can activate each questionnaire using the relevant link on this page. If you have not received an invitation, please contact us. Find out more about responding to CDP's supply chain program.

Is CDP scoring data provided for previous years?

For the sake of transparency CDP asks that first-time responders report four years of emissions data. As noted on page ten of the guidance document: "CDP requests companies to provide responses to questions CC8, 9 and 10 for the three years prior to the current reporting year if you have not done so before or if this is the first time you have answered a CDP information request".

In addition, companies that have reported emissions data to CDP in the past may restate their emissions for previous reporting years as an addition to the emissions information provided for the most recent reporting year.

With regard to scoring, only the information applying to the most recent reporting year is scored. Therefore, if a company is only able to provide information for the most recent year it will not be penalized in the scoring. Similarly, if a company restates emissions figures provided it the past, its score will not be impacted.

What is the SME version of CDP’s supply chain questionnaire?

The SME questionnaire is simply a shortened version of the regular information request, as it only includes questions most relevant to smaller operations. Please note, there is only an SME version for Climate Change, we do not currently have a shorter version for the Water questionnaire.

If appropriate, you can tick the boxes in your portal account for the SME questionnaire and you will then receive the option for this version at CC0.5 on the Introduction page of the Online Response System (ORS). You can review the criteria for an SME company here to determine if you qualify.

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CDP has a wealth of information and guidance on how to respond to the questionnaire.

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