Water program guidance

CDP’s water program is designed to guide companies though the challenges posed by worsening water security. It also helps investors and multinational organizations with large supply chains better understand how their portfolio companies and suppliers are addressing water impacts and associated risks and opportunities.

Timeline 2016

CDP issues its invitation to respond in February for our investor initiative and April for our supply chain program.

  • If you have been requested to respond by investors only
    Companies receive CDP’s information request in February and must submit entirely by the June 30.
  • If you have been requested by investors and customers (see supply chain program)
    Companies receive the investor request in February and the supply chain request in early April. The main questionnaire must be submitted by June 30 and supply chain module by July 28. Follow the step-by-step guide to submit both CDP water and CDP supply chain questionnaires.

CDP’s water questionnaire provides a framework for companies to engage with corporate water stewardship; identifying risks, opportunities and outlining clear governance for improved water management.

Guidance document
Responder pack

Download the 2016 water questionnaire, drafting word document, water guidance, and ORS guidance.

Water scoring

CDP aims to score all water responses received by 30 June from publicly listed companies that are requested to respond in 2016. Companies should therefore utilize CDP’s water scoring methodology when formulating their response.

Scoring policies
Resources for responding
Alignment with other reporting initiatives

Standards for water reporting are not as consistently established as those for carbon and so we work closely with the CEO Water Mandate, the

World Resources Institute (WRI), WWF, WBCSD, GRI and similar organizations to support the development of effective standards and help accelerate movement towards a standard which companies are comfortable reporting against and through which investors can gain meaningful information.

CEO Water Mandate
The CEO Water Mandate Disclosure Guidelines aim to support and inform existing and emerging work in the field of corporate sustainability, in addition to supporting companies’ water-related disclosure. We work closely with the CEO Water Mandate as strategic project partners, offering insight regarding water disclosure practice and where appropriate, we seek to align future iterations of our water questionnaire with the Mandate’s guidelines.

A document jointly produced by CDP and GRI identifies the linkages between CDP's 2016 water questionnaire and GRI’s G4 guidelines to assist companies with their response.

2015 Water microsite


Take a deep dive into the current state of play in corporate water management and learn from examples of best practice

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