Climate change program guidance

Timeline 2016

The timeline depends on how you have been requested to respond to CDP.

  • Requested by investors only
    Companies receive the request in February and must submit entirely by June 30.
  • Requested by both investors and customers (see supply chain program)        
    Companies receive the investor request in February, and the supply chain request in early April. The main questionnaire must be submitted by June 30 and supply chain module by July 28.
    Follow the step-by-step guide to submit both CDP climate change and CDP supply chain questionnaires.


The questionnaire is divided into several sections in order to fully understand the actions your company is undertaking to mitigate climate change risks.

Reporting guidance

This document explains each question in detail and includes what information to provide, the required format, and where to find tools or further information to construct your answer.

Responder pack

This includes the questionnaire, drafting word document, main guidance, scoring methodology, and ORS guidance.


Carbon Action

Carbon Action is an investor-led initiative to accelerate company action on carbon reduction and energy efficiency activities which deliver a satisfactory return on investment.
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CDP's sector focus

Discover how CDP seeks to increase and tailor disclosure from companies in high impact sectors to gather insight into their environmental performance.
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Resources for responding

Climate Change Reporting Guidance 2016
This explains each question in detail and includes what information to provide, the required format, and where to find tools or further information to construct your answer.
Also available in Portuguese and Japanese.

Changes Document for 2016
An outline of major changes in the climate change questionnaire and guidance.

Climate Change Drafting Document (zip).
This document is solely for the purpose of drafting a response to CDP's 2016 climate change questionnaire. Your final response to CDP must be entered via the CDP Online Response System (ORS).

CDP Amendments Policy
Please check your response before submitting. Read this page if you need to amend your respond after you have submitted

Responding for the first time?

Guidance for First Time Responders
A document to help new responders submit information to CDP.

Using the Online Response System (ORS)

Using CDP's Online Response System (ORS)
How to register, sign in, activate questionanires and use the ORS. 

The administrative fee and the ORS
How to view and take action on the administrative fee using the Online Response System (ORS).

How to improve your response

Climate Change Reporting Roadmap
A guide to help responders to move from a basic response towards complete disclosure.

Also available in Portuguese.

Reporting to Carbon Action

Company guidance on carbon action
Information for companies requested to respond to CDP's carbon action initiative.

RE100 Campaign

RE100 Campaign reporting guidance - forthcoming
Information for companies reporting to the RE100 campaign.

Guidance webinars
Live webinars
  • The Sunny Side of Energy Strategy: How Companies are Reinventing Energy Usage with Renewables
    Corporations have made unprecedented progress towards corporate sustainability, but the very thing that keeps them running is often not accounted for: power. Renewable energy technologies are widely available and cost effective immediately, often also serving as a long term hedge against the rising and volatile costs of traditional power.

    Learn why corporations are making the strategic decision to diversify their energy portfolio and how today’s innovative solutions including remote solar, energy storage and more from companies like SolarCity make it possible for businesses to not only go green, but save green in the process

    June 23 2016 | 13:00 EDT // 18:00 BST | register

  • Recorded webinars
    Scoring information

    Scoring methodology 2016
    Question-level information on scoring for the climate change questionnaire.
    The climate change scoring methodology is also available as an excel workbook (zip) and in Portuguese.

    Scoring introduction
    An introduction to how scoring is applied to all CDP programs.

    Score mapping
    Translate your 2015 scores into a 2016 scoring band.
    Please watch our recorded webinar on how to use this mapping tool.

    Score Categories
    Explanation of the score feedback categories

    CDP works with RepRisk to verify ESG risk data for the leadership indices.
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    Scoring webinars

    CDP scoring information
    A recorded introduction webinar on CDP's scoring approach.

    How to use the CDP scoring methodology
    A short webinar to explain how to use the CDP scoring methodology documents.

    Your CDP score
    A recorded webinar to provide an understanding of your CDP score.

    CDP Scoring: mapping your 2015 score to the 2016 scoring bands
    A webinar recording

    Scoring policies
    Sector modules
    Third party emissions verification
    The growing demand for reliable data drives the importance of verification. Although verification is not currently a requirement for your response, CDP encourages companies to verify their data.

    Read about CDP's approach to verification

    View accepted and rejected verification standards for CDP reporting

    Verification FAQs

    CDP Verification Template 2016

    Alignment with other reporting initiatives

    Linking up GRI and CDP

    A document jointly produced by CDP and GRI identifies the linkages between CDP's 2016 climate change questionnaire and GRI’s G4 guidelines to assist companies with their response.

    Aligning the Dow Jones Sustainability Index with CDP

    In 2013, RobecoSAM, the company behind the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), produced with S&P Dow Jones Indices, aligned its climate strategy questions with a subset of CDP’s climate change questions. The questions will remain aligned in 2015.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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