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CDP Global Climate Change Report 2015

The CDP Global Climate Change Report 2015 offers analysis of the current state of the corporate response to the causes of global warming. Are we at a tipping point? Discover the difference five years has made on how companies are tackling climate change and preparing for a low carbon economy. Watch investors explain why transparency and accountability are crucial in creating an economic revolution. Listen to Christiana Figueres, UNFCCC Executive Secretary, describe why disclosure is vital in managing climate risks.

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Company actions on climate change

In the past five years many companies have worked hard to reduce their carbon footprint and signal corporate support for a low carbon economy. The A List companies - those that have been identified as leading in their actions to mitigate climate change in this past year - are at the forefront of this charge.


increase in activities that reduce carbon emissions over 5 years

Almost all companies are now engaged in emissions reductions activities.


0ffer incentives for climate change management

A 61% increase over two years, according to the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance.


of companies have board level oversight

Nearly all companies have board or senior management responsibility for climate change.

At the tipping point? Five years of climate progress

Investors are seeking to better understand the link between lower carbon emissions and financial performance using CDP data. Innovative investor products such as CDP’s sector research, launched this year, directly links environmental impacts to the bottom line.

Watch investors explain why they are leading the charge on tackling climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

We like to put the (financial) metrics in context. All those nitty-gritty details help us talk to management. We can show one company’s details to another, and say: ‘You can do better on this.’

Farha-Joyce Haboucha

Director of Sustainability & Impact Investing, Rockefeller & Co.

An ambitious global deal at COP21 is needed

If the economic revolution is to become a reality, we need to see continuing action, climate accountability and transparency from more companies, and a global deal. We see ambition and action from the private sector and showcase their leading actions in order to help drive government will and ambition.

Company scores from CDP's climate change program

This interactive chart displays the public 2015 disclosure and performance scores from CDP’s climate change program. Since the writing of this report even more companies have responded through CDP's climate change program, so more data is available for you to explore. Use the filters to navigate the data or search a company name below.

Please note that in certain regions some of the scores are classified as non-public and so they are not visible in this chart and the company name will not be included in the search filter. If you have difficulty finding a particular company score then please email for clarification.

Key trends 2015

This interactive chart shows the proportion of responding companies within a geographic region that report on key performance indicators such as Board level responsibility for climate change. The default display is showing only three indicators from three regions. To change the indicators and countries/regions that are displayed please use the filters at the top of the chart.

The power of companies

As Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development in France, explains "there is no plan b because there is no planet b". Together companies and investors can, and must, have a real impact on this year's climate talks in Paris.

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