Consultations and feedback

CDP's annual questionnaire consultation is now live

CDP's consultation on proposed changes to its questionnaires is currently in procession. The consultation will close on 21 September 2015.

We welcome feedback from all of our stakeholders. To participate in the consultation please review the following documents and provide a response to the consultation questions through the survey forms linked within each respective document.

Questionnaire consultation documents and response links (within the documents):

Please note that CDP will be stabilizing both the water and forests questionnaires, with no major changes introduced in 2016.

Our decision to stabilize these two questionnaires arises from three main objectives:

  1. To allow companies time to align their reporting processes and develop the maturity of their reporting without any further changes to our questionnaires.
  2. To calibrate our new scoring methodologies for Water and Forests against comparable data to incentivize improved environmental performance.
  3. To facilitate comparable datasets for cross year analysis for data users.

As such, there will be no consultation documents produced for these programs, however, organizations are welcome to provide any comments on the 2015 questionnaires or any other aspects of corporate reporting for water and forests, including our guidance documents, support materials, webinars and workshops or scoring methodologies in our general feedback form which can be accessed below.

CDP feedback

If you have feedback on any aspect of your experience responding to CDP, please provide it here.

Your consultation response or any feedback on the consultation documents should not be provided through this form.

View our archive of past consultation documents »

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