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CDP S&P 500 Report 2011

Strategic Advantage Through Climate Change Action

The 2011 edition of the annual S&P 500 report analyzes climate change strategies of the largest US corporations by market capitalization.

In the absence of a comprehensive regulatory framework in the US, companies are raising the profile of the importance of climate change action throughout the business. In addition to incorporating climate change in operational planning to reduce energy costs and business planning for the development and marketing of low-carbon related products, it is also being included as a function of strategic planning to mitigate fiduciary and reputational risk. This year CDP sent its annual questionnaire to the S&P 500 companies on behalf of 551 signatory institutional investors representing $71 trillion of assets, asking them to measure and report what climate change means for their business.

This report provides the latest insight from these company responses into how major US corporations are recognizing the opportunity to gain strategic advantage from acting to address climate change. It shows that the majority of US companies are taking climate change action, despite an absence of mandatory rules and reveals this year’s leaders in both disclosure and performance.

"We depend on data from CDP surveys to evaluate which companies are and are not adequately disclosing the steps being taken to mitigate climate risk."

- Jack Ehnes, CEO, CalSTRS

"The S&P 500’s 2011 CDP leaders are now distancing themselves from the rest. The expanding GHG regulations across the globe are seen as an opportunity — rather than as a threat — to further secure their leadership positions and build market share."

- Douglas J. Kangos, Partner, PwC

Signatories & members

CDP asks almost 6,000 of the world’s largest companies to report on their climate strategies, GHG emissions and energy use in the standardized Investor CDP format.

See a list of 2011 CDP Investor members

551 financial institutions with assets of US$71 trillion were signatories to the CDP 2011 information request.

See a list of 2011 CDP Investor signatories

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