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CDP is inviting applications for a limited number of education and training partners within each of the countries that CDP operates in.

Partners demonstrate a commitment to working with CDP to encourage global corporations to undertake high quality carbon management training. Partners are required to meet certain criteria before becoming a CDP partner including supplying good references from CDP responding companies.

Silver partner: UK

GPGP Strategies is a leading global learning and development organisation, delivering services to a wide range of industries and major global companies. We provide a full range of learning solutions that enhance performance, organisational competence and facilitate change.

Our hands on experience means we have an in depth understanding of market pressures, supply chain dynamics and corporate management. This places us in a unique position to help companies develop policies and procedures implemented through; Analysis, Design, Development, Delivery and Implementation, Simulation and Assessment of Learning Solutions.

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For more information, please contact:
Andrew Chatwin, Business Development Consultant | E: adchatwin@gpstrategies.com
Anna Marshall, Learning Consultant | E: amarshall@gpstrategies.com

Silver partner: USA

Carroll School of Management Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston CollegeCarroll School of Management Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College is a membership-based knowledge center. Founded in 1985, the Center has a history of leadership in corporate citizenship research and education. We engage 400 member companies and over 10,000 individuals annually to share knowledge and expertise about the practice of corporate citizenship through the Center’s professional development programs, online community, regional programs, and our annual conference.

The Center offers many relevant Citizenship courses including, "CDP Reporting: Disclosing Environmental Impacts."

For more information, please contact:
Stewart Rassier, Director, Executive Education and Advisory Products | stewart.rassier@bc.edu



ISOS GroupThe ISOS Center for Social Responsibility works to advance global commitments for a common, more sustainable future. By working with nations, non-profit organizations, as well as public entities, the ISOS Center for Social Responsibility provides a platform for professional development and education through all facets of society with the goal of equipping people with knowledge and tools for harnessing the benefits of sustainability. ISOS CSR’s team of certified practitioners has unmatched experience working with organizations of all sizes across all business sectors.

For more information, please contact:
Alexandru Georgescu, CFO & Co-Founder | ageorgescu@isosgroup.com
Nancy Mancilla, CEO & Co-Founder | nmancilla@isosgroup.com




 Become a partner


Leading companies partner with us to accelerate our mission. They experience a range of benefits including:

  • A link to the CDP network of 767 investors, some 5,000 companies and many governments.
  • Working alongside best-in-class organizations selected to be CDP partners.
  • Networking and relationship building.
  • Increased expertise by working with the gold standard of carbon reporting.
  • Contributing to the growth in disclosure and transparency.

To find out more about our partner program, please contact partnerships@cdp.net.

Webinar recordings & materials

How to develop strategies to combat climate change
Listen to a CDP webinar about how environmental management systems can benefit your organization.

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