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The tools and services provided by these partner organizations have undergone a market based assessment, including customer feedback via references, and can offer valuable support to companies throughout the data gathering process. In addition, from 2008 - 2012 all tools and services were tested by the *Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, and all partners who have undergone this evaluation process are marked with an asterisk below. CDP software partners can assist with the switch from complex Excel spreadsheets to company wide, integrated management systems.

Please contact our partner organizations to find out more about the individual tools or services.

Gold partners


credit360CRedit360* is a leading provider of sustainability management software. Whatever sustainability means to your organization - from carbon reporting to donations tracking – CRedit360 provides an efficient, integrated and transparent way to gather, analyze, interpret and communicate your data.

CRedit360 enables organizations to calculate emissions across Scopes 1, 2 and 3 using established protocols and GHG conversion factors - helping to manage emissions reduction initiatives and performance.

The CRedit360 system covers five solution areas that can be deployed individually or seamlessly combined to provide a full 360-degree view of your sustainability performance:

  • Energy and Carbon
  • Environment, Health and Safety
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Supply Chain
  • Compliance

CRedit360 won Ethical Corporation’s Best Sustainability Software Award for leadership in these areas.

Over 150 global organizations use CRedit360 to manage and report energy and carbon in line with CDP, DJSI, GRI, GHG Protocol, etc. For full details, visit: www.credit360.com

Read about how DS Smith transforms its sustainability reporting with CRedit360 »

Learn how Solvay are consolidating global sustainability data on the road to integrated reporting »

Understand how to navigate the challenges of reporting to multiple frameworks »

For more information, please contact:
Efrain Quiros, VP of Partnerships | E: Efrain.Quiros@credit360.com
Iain McGhee, Commercial Director | E: Iain.McGhee@credit360.com


Ecometrica.Ecometrica* is passionate about clear, correct, and meaningful environmental management that helps businesses meet their sustainability challenges, reduce costs, and increase performance. Ecometrica help clients measure environmental impacts, from carbon, energy, paper, waste and water management all the way through to full supply chain accounting.

Named the best GHG accounting software in an independent review by the environmentalist, and with over 250 global clients, Our Impacts is one of the most widely-used sustainability management software services in the world. It’s the only environmental software platform with a team of expert analysts on hand every step of the way, and audit-ready output assurance from PwC.

Read how Aggreko use Our Impacts to respond to UK mandatory carbon reporting regulations one year ahead of their obligations.

For more information, please contact:

Richard Morley (EMEA & APAC) | E: Richard.Morley@ecometrica.com
Vanessa Boudreau-Sannier (AMERICAS) | E: Vanessa.Boudreau-Sannier@ecometrica.com  



PE INTERNATIONALPE INTERNATIONAL* became the first CDP Carbon Calculation Partner in 2008 and develops proven solutions for sustainable business using best-in-class software tools, high-quality databases and a specialized team of sustainability practitioners.

SoFi, PE’s software platform for Enterprise Carbon Reporting and Sustainability Performance Management, transforms data into insights and visualizes performance so organizations can achieve their goals faster.

PE’s carbon management experts have implemented SoFi software for over 100 organizations in 25 sectors and helped them develop successful strategies for energy and carbon reductions (scope 1, 2 and 3) across the Corporate Value Chain.

Since 2011, PE is also a CDP Gold Data Partner and provides some of the world’s best sustainability content for benchmarking, best-practice sharing and impact assessments.

Watch the video to learn how SoFi software helped global cruise ship company Carnival and technology leader Siemens achieve their ambitious carbon and sustainability goals.

For more information, please contact:
Volker Enders, (AMERICAS) | E: v.enders@pe-international.com
Robert Gabriel, (EMEA & APAC) | E: r.gabriel@pe-international.com

Silver partners



Accuvio are a progressive and innovative developer of sustainability software, with a focused specialisation in designing clear, simplified solutions for the most complex problems, Accuvio, has, in the short five years since its establishment, become a market leader in the sustainability software sector.
Learn more at www.accuvio.com



Ameresco is an international energy services company with more than 900 people in Europe and the Americas. xChangePoint® connects real time sustainability data, Ameresco energy project installation expertise and clients through cloud technology.
Learn more at www.ameresco.com



CloudApps* provide sustainability solutions that enable customers to generate CDP responses, reduce energy, water and waste costs and engage employees to achieve corporate sustainability goals.
Learn more at www.cloudapps.com



CO2focus is the owner of CEMAsys and a leading provider of sustainability management services in the Nordic region. CO2focus assist their customers with carbon footprint services, LCA and CSR reporting.
Learn more at https://cemasys.com/



Ecova* is the total energy and sustainability management company, offering the Ecova Carbon Manager which helps you identify, reduce, and report your carbon emissions.
Learn more at www.ecova.com



Enablon* is one of the world’s leading providers of Sustainability Management Software. More than 250 global companies use Enablon to measure and manage their carbon, energy and environmental performance.
Learn more at www.enablon.com



FirstCarbon Solutions
FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) has scored 11,000+ CDP responses since 2011 and is an expert in both the scoring methodology and in building streamlined corporate sustainability systems using their state-of-the-art software and BPO services.
Download resources for improving your performance and systems.



Workiva is a leading provider of complex reporting solutions. Wdesk, used by 60% of the Fortune 500, is a cloud-based product platform that makes it easy to create, manage, and publish sustainability reports.
Learn more at https://www.workiva.com                




 Become a partner


Leading companies partner with us to accelerate our mission. They experience a range of benefits including:

  • A link to the CDP network of 767 investors, some 5,000 companies and many governments.
  • Working alongside best-in-class organizations selected to be CDP partners.
  • Networking and relationship building.
  • Increased expertise by working with the gold standard of carbon reporting.
  • Contributing to the growth in disclosure and transparency.

To find out more about our partner program, please contact partnerships@cdp.net


Hear from Compass Group PLC and Ecometrica about how using software can benefit your organisation, from data management through to reporting.

Learn from our expert speakers about how sustainability management software can help to improve both the quality and quantity of sustainability data collected, and assist with reporting this data efficiently.

Watch the webinar »


Managing information for climate change reporting: a CDP roadmap guide

Using advanced software tools to enhance data quality and tackle climate change challenges

Read more »

Go beyond reporting: Hear from credit360 about monitoring, measuring and reducing your emissions

Learn from credit 360 and Sprint how software can help you gather and analyze the information you need to manage your operations day-to-day, deliver carbon initiatives and implement reduction projects.

> Watch the webinar


Listen to these webinars on carbon management solutions and how to help your organization report to CDP

In these two webinars, CDP’s gold software partners will provide you with valuable insight into how carbon management solutions can help your organization report to CDP.

Find out more:

  • Expert guidance: Our gold software partners will talk you through how their carbon management solution can help you monitor, measure and report carbon emissions;
  • Best practice sharing: Hear from Capgemini, Carnival Corp. & PLC and The Linde Group about how implementing these solutions have helped them report to CDP;
> PE International and Carnival Corp. & PLC
> CRedit360 and The Linde Group


 Automating your climate reporting: Listen to a CDP webinar looking at how software can help your company overcome reporting challenges and business benefits of carbon management solutions.

> Watch the webinar
> Download the accompanying notes
> Carbon management solutions: Top 10 considerations


Transitioning towards Scope 3 – engaging your value chain: Find out how engaging your value chain can help reduce your footprint and how the new Scope 3 standard has changed the game.

> Watch the webinar
> Download the accompanying notes


Capitalize on your carbon management solution investment: Listen to this recording on carbon management solutions and how Capgemini, Noble Group and Philips benefitted from a thorough implementation process.

> Watch the webinar
> Download the accompanying notes

CDP best practice guide

Want to find out more about how to automate your climate change reporting? Read the CDP best practice guide: Capitalize on your carbon management solution investment. This paper provides an insight into carbon management solutions, why an appropriate implementation is important and how it can benefit companies going forward. Also included are practical tips on the software selection and guidance on the implementation process.

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