Industry insight

Managing information for climate change reporting: a CDP roadmap guide
Using advanced software tools to enhance data quality and tackle climate change challenges
Corporate reporting in the new age of transparency
President and CEO of GLOBE Group, John D. Wiebe, highlights the need for corporate transparency and how it can be used by corporations to create a competative advantage.
The Global Canopy Programme’s Little Book of Big Deforestation Drivers
This book analyzes the supply chains and presents 24 regulatory, market and supply chain catalysts that can act to reduce deforestation caused by these commodities.
CEOs call for policies to align market incentives with sustainability
The recent UN Global Compact and Accenture CEO study on Sustainability 2013 found more than two thirds (67%) of chief executives believe that business is not doing enough to address global sustainability challenges. Seventy eight percent of the 1,000 CEOs surveyed see sustainability as a route to growth and innovation and 79% believe that it will lead to competitive advantage in their industry. Investigate this study further through the report, infographics and videos.
How end-to-end sustainable systems drive business value
Plenty of companies have taken significant steps toward becoming more sustainable, but none has turned incremental progress into truly transformational change. That requires innovation and collaborative initiatives right across the enterprise—from strategy to operations to the supply chain.
Sustainable organizations? Start with sustainable procurement
Sustainable procurement has risen to become a top priority among companies. This article explores several distinct aspects of how sustainability is affecting the role of the procurement function.
More with less: Scaling sustainable consumption and resource efficiency
A summary of the World Economic Forum report More with Less: Scaling Sustainable Consumption and Resource Efficiency. This summary highlights the growing impatience for a step change in the speed and scale at which we move towards achieving sustainable growth.
The sustainable organization: Accenture’s lessons from leaders series
For organizations seeking to outperform the market over the long-term, a clear driver of high performance will be their ability to embed sustainability effectively across all aspects of their business. To do this requires a clear understanding of the particular challenges, opportunities and priorities that sustainability holds for each member of their executive leadership team.
Why we’re “Aiming for A”
Insight from Helen Wildsmith, Head of Ethical & Responsible Investment, CCLA Investment Management.
Business and Climate Change Adaptation: Toward Resilient Companies and Communities
This report presents ten case studies which illustrate how businesses are responding creatively and effectively to address climate change opportunities, risks, and impacts in developing countries and emerging economies.
Caring for Climate Progress Report 2012
This report looks at the companies that make up Caring for Climate, the emissions performance of these companies, and how these signatories have progressed against their commitments to action.
Sustainable energy for all: The business opportunity
Energy is essential for economic development and yet its impact on the environment must be minimized. The United Nations' Sustainable Energy for All initiative aims to mobilize the world around this issue. In support of this initiative, Accenture and the United Nations Global Compact undertook research to uncover the business opportunities in sustainable energy across 19 industries.
In brief: XBRL taxonomy and the implications for climate change reporting
What is XBRL and the climate change reporting taxonomy? Find out how this new language is about to transform the way companies report their climate change information.
In brief: The GHG Protocol’s new Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Accounting and Reporting Standard
Read what CDP and four industry experts have to say about the new Scope 3 standard.
How CFOs can unlock value
Sustainability performance management links business strategy and performance with sustainability to deliver financial value – prepared by Accenture for the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)
Energy-smart buildings at Microsoft
Demonstrating how information technology can cut energy use and costs of real estate portfolios – authored in collaboration with Accenture and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
The landscape of integrated reporting: reflections and next steps (free e-book)
A collection of articles, including two from CDP’s own Nigel Topping and Lois Guthrie, looking at the vision for integrated reporting, the role technology can play and the myriad challenges to its adoption.
Clean energy in the emerging economies
Industry viewpoints from Kate Levick, head of government partnerships at the Carbon Disclosure Project, as appeared in Clean Tech, Clean Profits published by Kogan Page
The business case for 'green' in a recession
Industry viewpoints from Paul Dickinson, Chief Executive Officer at the Carbon Disclosure Project, as appeared in Contact magazine
Raising awareness: the first step to managing climate change in the supply chain
Industry viewpoints from Frances Way, head of Supply Chain at the Carbon Disclosure Project, as appeared in Inside Supply Management
Pensions – the way ahead for low carbon investment
Climate change has emerged as an important theme for investors in recent years. Industry viewpoints from Zoe Riddell, head of Investor CDP
What does business want from a global deal?
Industry viewpoints from Paul Dickinson, Chief Executive Officer at the Carbon Disclosure Project, as appeared in the Global Compact International Yearbook
Optimizing sustainability performance management
A review of findings from Accenture's 2009 survey, which examines the current and future state of sustainability performance management
The ClimateWise third year review
Read how members are reducing the risks of climate change in the conclusion of the third independent ClimateWise review
Video: Copenhagen Climate Conference
Lord Adair Turner speaks at a Copenhagen Climate Conference CDP event exploring low carbon technologies and investment opportunities

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