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CDP spring workshops

CDP Spring Workshops are designed to bring together those responsible for completing CDP questionnaires to aid in providing a meaningful response, by sharing best practice and providing networking opportunities.

Local events

CDP guidance webinars

Guidance webinars for those disclosing through CDP provide a great opportunity to gain further insight into the process.

April 22 - 23

World Green Economy Summit
The World Green Economy Summit (WGES) aims to be the premier international platform for strategic partnerships and innovative solutions for a green economy. As a stop on the ‘Road to Paris 2015’, the outcomes of WGES 2015 will be integral to the global Road to Paris campaign, which strives to develop the strongest multi-stakeholder platform supporting a universal climate agreement at COP 21 in Paris 2015.

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Dubai, UAE
May 20 - 21 2015

Business and Climate Summit Paris
Responding to the UN Secretary General’s invitation for business to take a more active role in the world decarbonization process, a large number of business networks have decided to join forces and convene CEOs from around the world and from all sectors. It is a great opportunity for business to synthetize ideas and formulate demands and see them embedded in the outcome from COP21.

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Paris, France
January 2015 - June 2015

TBLI conference series
This one-day conference brings together forward-thinking professionals looking to improve their resilience to water-related risk, increase water efficiency, engage their stakeholders and improve water stewardship. Morgan Gillespy, CDP Water Account Manager, will be speaking alonside others from the OECD, Norges Bank Investment Management, Rio Tinto, EDF, Ford Motor Company, Thermofisher Scientific, SABMiller, Marks & Spencer, Willmott Dixon Holdings, Sainsbury’s, Branston, Wyke Farms and Business Stream.

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USA & Europe
December 6 2015

World Climate Summit
Now in its 6th year, join the World Climate Summit 2015, an annual climate forum convening business, finance and governments alongside the United Nations conference on climate change, COP21. At the World Climate Summit climate solutions from business, financiers and governments will be launched.

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Paris, France
December 7-8

Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF15)
Convening over 750 cross-sector participants from business, Governments, investors, the UN, NGOs and civil society during COP21, SIF15 will be an opportunity to bolster business innovation in the climate change arena. The Forum will build on year-round work from Climate Action and UNEP to accelerate international sustainable development and bring scale to low carbon innovation.

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Paris, France
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